2021 Festival of Singing Audition Results

Freshman Treble

  • 1st Place – Madeleine LeBeau (student of Martha Elliott)

Combined Lower MT

  • 1st Place – Sabrina Shah (student of Jeanai LaVita)
  • 2nd Place – Madeleine LeBeau (student of Martha Elliott)

Sophomore Combined

  • 1st Place – Timothy Hurtt (student of Lourin Plant)

Junior Combined

  • 1st Place – Michael Krasting (student of Lourin Plant)

Combined Upper MT

  • 1st Place – Abigail Lopez (student of Shane Tapley)
  • 2nd Place – Sofia Carvajal (student of Karen Beardsley Peters)

Senior Treble

  • Tie for 1st Place – Natalie Atkinson (student of Kathy Price)
  • Tie for 1st Place – Shannon Lally (student of Sean McCarther)


  • 1st Place – Ingrid Kuribayashi (student of Kathy Price)

Adult MT

  • 1st Place – Anthony Demarte (student of Lawrence Street)


  • 1st Place – Krista Hastings (student of Kathy Price)