There are many benefits to being a member of New Jersey NATS, including benefits to you and your students! Check out the benefits below.

voice teachers in NJ NATS

Benefits include:

  • Access to two festivals per year, the Festival of Singing and the Doris Lenz Festival
    • Now including singers in Musical Theatre, Classical, and CCM styles
    • Gives your students a goal to work towards
    • Increases studio engagement and retention
    • Provides networking opportunities for both you and your singers
  • Access to the Robert Edwin Award, a professional development grant for our member teachers
  • Access to two different scholarships for your students
  • Periodic events, both virtual and in-person, for learning and networking
  • Lots of value for a very small fee!

How to become a member

When you are joining national NATS, simply select the checkbox to join NJ NATS as you move through the registration process. It’s that simple!