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  • 2010 Festival of Singing Audition Results

    February 20, 2010Montclair State University Freshman Women   1st place – Joy Suslov (student of Elem Eley, Westminster Choir College)   2nd place – Jessica Cohn, (student of Bonita Granite, Rowan University)   3rd place – Jelisa Ransom, (student of Sandra Carney, Rowan University) Freshman Men   1st place – Domenick Panfile, (student of Stephen Oosting, Montclair State)   2nd place – Andrew Bowling, (student […]

  • 2010 Doris Lenz Festival Audition Results

    October 30, 2010The College of New Jersey, Ewing  Division 1A –         First Place: Anneliese Klenetsky (student of Li Chan Chen Maxham)        Second Place: Arden Walker (student of Danielle Sinclair)        Third Place: Jessica Sipe (student of Li Chan Chen Maxham) Division 1B –         First Place: Faith Liu (student of Dauri Shippey)        Second Place: Konstantina Klousetos (student […]

  • 2011 Festival of Singing Audition Results

    February 26, 2011Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ Div 1 – Freshman Women1st Place – Katherine Buzard – Princeton University (Sarah Pelletier)2nd Place – Emma Ozman – Westminster Choir College (Sharon Sweet)3rd Place – Moira Gannon – Westminster Choir College (Robin Massie)Honorable Mention – Yoanna Akis – Westminster Choir College (Sharon Sweet)Honorable Mention – Crystal Glenn – Westminster Choir College (Sharon Sweet) […]

  • 2011 Doris Lenz Festival Audition Results

    Saturday, October 29, 2011Rutgers University, Camden Division 1 – Lower Women 1st Place – Elisabeth Boyce-Jacino (student of Danielle Sinclair)2nd Place – Kelsey Hubsch (student of Kathryn Moyer)3rd Place – Kaamya Varagur (student of Li-Chan Chen Maxham) Division 3 – Upper Women 1st Place – Evangeline Athanasiou (student of Kris Zook)2nd Place – Vicki Franco (student of Dauri Shippey)3rd Place […]

  • 2012 Festival of Singing Audition Results

    February 18, 2012New Jersey City University Division 1 – Freshman Women    1st place – Naomi Ortiz – Sondra Kelly – New Jersey City University    2nd place – Julianne Froehlich – Jeffrey Gall – Montclair State    Honorable Mention – Catherine Chambers – Marian Stieber – Rowan University Division 2 – Freshman Men    1st – Christopher Hochstuhl […]