2020 Festival of Singing Audition Results

Sunday, February 16, 2020
Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Freshman Treble

1st Place – Rebecca Ripley
2nd Place – Summer Rae Kuhns

Freshman TBB

1st Place – John Arlievsky

Sophomore Treble

1st Place – Mary Fetterman
2nd Place – Chelsea Holbrook
3rd Place – Natalie DeKok

Sophomore TBB

1st Place – William Butron

Junior Treble

1st Place – Amanda Duspiva
2nd Place – Natalie Atkinson
3rd Place – Elizabeth Boyle

Junior TBB

1st Place – James Harris

Senior Treble

1st Place – Madison Bowling
2nd Place – Cassandra Shields
College Upper Musical Theater
1st Place – Lily Gorski
2nd Place – Dante Pereto

Adult Treble and TBB

1st Place – Emily Tiberi

Advanced (Grad) Treble and TBB

1st Place – Krista Hastings
2nd Place – Shai Funk