2013 Doris Lenz Festival Audition Results

Saturday, November 2, 2013
The College of New Jersey, Ewing

Division 1 – High School Women Lower

1st Place – Alexis Peart (student of Nancy C Froysland Hoerl)
2nd Place – Amalia Crevani (student of Alejandra Garrido)
3rd Place – Anna Piparo (student of Alejandra Garrido)

Division 2 – High School Men Lower

1st Place – Jack Lindberg (student of Adrienne McKeown and Jeffrey Gall)
2nd Place – Pulkit Gupta (student of Susan Rheingans)

Division 3 – High School Women Upper

1st Place – Sophie Thompson (student of Danielle Sinclair)
2nd Place – Shurmila Dhar (student of Kristopher Zook)
3rd Place – Katherine Robinson (student of Kristopher Zook)

Division 4 – High School Men Upper

1st Place – Peter Schertz (student of Mark Wilson)

Division 5 – Music Theater Women Lower

1st Place – Madison Beumee (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
2nd Place – Rachel Castaneda (student of Adrienne McKeown)
3rd Place – Erin Bender (student of Alyssa Nicole Ronco)Honorable Mention – Alexandra Lisi (student of Karen Born-Cofaro)

Division 6 – Music Theater Men Lower

1st Place – Rayne Cafaro (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)

Division 7 – Music Theater Women Upper

1st Place – Samantha Fario (student of Susan Rheingans)
2nd Place – Isabel Stein (student of Steven Snow)
3rd Place – Mary Sudol (student of Kaitlin Manca)

Division 8 – Music Theater Men Upper

1st Place – Matthew Moretta (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
2nd Place – Garrett Toole (student of Alejandra Garrido)