2010 Doris Lenz Festival Audition Results

October 30, 2010
The College of New Jersey, Ewing

Division 1A – 
        First Place: Anneliese Klenetsky (student of Li Chan Chen Maxham)
        Second Place: Arden Walker (student of Danielle Sinclair)
        Third Place: Jessica Sipe (student of Li Chan Chen Maxham)

Division 1B – 
        First Place: Faith Liu (student of Dauri Shippey)
        Second Place: Konstantina Klousetos (student of Susan Rheingans)
        Third Place: Riley Zalewski (student of Steven Snow)

Division Men –
        First Place: Jarrett  Porter (student of Robert Edwin)
        Second Place: Matt Triplett (student of Danielle Sinclair)

Division 3A – 
        First Place: Laura Kosar (student of Tracey Richards Chebra)
        Second Place: Joanna Latini (student of Danielle Sinclair)
        Third Place: Allison Ferdinando (student of Lori McCall)

Division 3B – 
        First Place: Madeleine Evarts  (student of Alejandra Garrido)   
        Second Place: Allison Canning (student of Robert Edwin)