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2014 Doris Lenz Festival Winners

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Red Bank Regional High School, Little Silver

Division 1 - High School Women Lower

1st Place - Sarah Robbins (student of Lauren Athey-Janka)
2nd Place - Sophia Chirayil (student of Danielle Sinclair)
3rd Place - Amalia Crevani (student of Alejandra Garrido)
4th Place - Sarah Williams (student of Nancy C Froysland Hoerl)
5th Place - Jade Glab (student of Kristopher Zook)

Divisions 2 & 4- High School Men Lower and Upper

1st Place - Henrique Neves (student of Nan Guptill Crain)

Division 3 - High School Women Upper

1st Place - Selena Siri (student of Elizabeth Saunders, former teacher Mona Greenburg)
2nd Place - Anna Piparo (student of Alejandra Garrido)
3rd Place - Olivia Sandel (student of Erica Miller)
4th Place - Alexis Peart (student of Nancy C Froysland Hoerl)

Division 5 - Music Theater Women Lower

1st Place - Erin Bender (student of Christina Aloisio, former teacher Alyssa Ronco)
2nd Place - Juliet Hounsell (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
3rd Place - Alana Kopelov (student of Lauren Athey-Janka)
4th Place - Madeline Merinuk (student of Lauren Athey-Janka)
5th Place - Katherine Settineri (student of Christina Aloisio)

Division 6 & 8 - Music Theater Men Lower and Upper

1st Place - Danny Eyerman (student of Kaitlin Manca)
2nd Place - Nathaniel Reid(student of Alyssa Nicole Ronco)
Honorable Mention - Evan Kashinsky (student of Susan Rheingans)

Division 7 - Music Theater Women Upper

1st Place - Madison Beumee (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
2nd Place - Miranda Holliday (student of Erica Miller)
3rd Place - Marissa Ferrara (student of Alyssa Nicole Ronco, former teacher Kathryn Zette)

Doris Lenz 2014 1st Place Winners

Doris Lenz 2014 Winners