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2012 Doris Lenz Festival Winners

Saturday, October 27, 2012
The College of New Jersey, Ewing

Division 1 - Lower Women

1st Place - Elisabeth Boyce-Jacino (student of Danielle Sinclair)
2nd Place - Sophie Thompson (student of Danielle Sinclair)
3rd Place - Giuliana Truppi (student of Alejandra Garrido)

Division 3 - Upper Women

1st Place - Elana Bell (student of Danielle Sinclair)
2nd Place - Hannah Black (student of Jamie Baer Peterson)
3rd Place - Sarah Knapp (student of Lauren Athey-Janka)

Division 2/4 - Classical Men, Lower and Upper

1st Place - Michael Kirkland (student of George Spitzer)
2nd Place - Nicholas Parillo (student of Robert Edwin)

Division 6/8 - Music Theater Men, Lower and Upper

1st Place - Matthew Moretta (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)

Division 5 - Music Theater Lower Women

1st Place - Madison Beumee (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
2nd Place - Alexandra Lisi (student of Karen Born-Cafaro)
3rd Place - Mary Sudol (student of Kaitlin Manca)

Division 7 - Music Theater Upper Women

1st Place - Kristina Lachaga (student of Robert Edwin)
2nd Place - Harley Steiger (student of Robert Edwin)