NATS Fall Festival of Singing Audition Results 

November 3, 2007
Rowan University

College and Adult Auditions

  Division #1 Freshmen Women
First Place Melissa Fajardo (Sweet)
Second Place Britanny Russo (Sweet)
Third Place Lorene Henderson (Oosting)

Division #2 Freshmen Men
First Place Alexander Krenz (Newton)
Second Place Elvie Williams (Esham)

Division #3 Sophomore Women
First Place Rebecca Tarantino (Gall)
Second Place Emma-Grace Dunbar (McCoy)
Third Place Kasey King (Stieber)

Division #4 Sophomore Men
First Place Emmanuel Cruz (Gillis)
Second Place Antony Bitar (Oosting)

Division #5 Junior Women
First Place Ashley Valente (Stieber)
Second Place Ashley Benson (Guptill-Crain)
Third Place Jenna Paulus (Granite)

Division #6 Junior Men
First Place Zachary Coates (Eley)
Second Place Kyle Robinson (Plant)

Division #7 Senior Women
First Place Megan Callahan (Sweet)
Second Place Hope Krick-Osborn (Brooks Rice)
Third Place Vakare Petroliunas (Newton)

Division #8 Senior Men
First Place Paul Nicosia (Garrison)

Division #9 Advanced Lower
First Place Latimer Christie (Brooks Rice)
Second Place Andrea Saul (Gall)
Third Place Rebecca Dilks (Stieber)

Division #12 Adult Non-Professional
First Place Jahnel Mikolajczak (Granite)